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It is widely acknowledged that client-centricity will be the defining success factor for companies in the twenty-first century.  It will become the key differentiator so that competitive companies will have, not only to meet, but also to surpass customer requirements.
This singular client-centric intent and the single-minded pursuit of improvement to that end, is what we at Training Unlimited aim to help our clients achieve so that they grow from good to great.  It requires a well-trained, flexible, confident and empowered work force, fully involved by turns in learning, mentoring and monitoring for continual, aligned change which delivers compound improvement in safety, productivity and client service.  It includes making changes and monitoring results, then rapidly adjusting again.  It implies that facilitation, mentoring, assessment and moderation of learning should be constant and largely internal.
At Training Unlimited we recognise your passion for engaging, developing and structuring human capital to serve your clients with a clear understanding of their needs.  In your organisation, already founded upon/defined by innovation and initiative, human capital development for client-centricity should be

    • simple,            
    • incremental,           
    • clear,              
    • ongoing,           
    • cost-effective,    
    • but high-impact and transformational.

Our services are designed to assist you in achieving your business goals and to do this within our vision of providing our training, mentoring, administration and advice in such a manner that your company receives value well in excess of the cost you incur with us, long after we have completed our contract with you.

Company Reg no. 2012/160491/07
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