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Business Skills
Generic Management
(National Certificate: Generic Management Level 5: SAQA ID 59201)
Generic Management covers five domains: Learnership, Managing the environment, Managing Relations, Managing Knowledge and the practice of management. This leads to strengthening of management competencies and will enable managers to manage successful systems, processes, resources, managers and teams in their various occupations and contexts.

The following aspects will be discussed in the course:
·         Formulating a strategy and an implementation plan
·         Evaluate and plan the role of self as leader in a function
·         Apply the principles of corporate governance and ethics in a function
·         Apply problem-solving techniques to make decisions on a multi-faceted problem
·         Manage relationships with strategic partners to improve the performance of a function.
·          Manage the information and institutional knowledge within a function
·         Analyse the strategy and external environment of the entity in relation to a function
·         Manage and improve communication process in a function
·         Use negotiation in multi-faceted situations to achieve the objectives of a function
·         Appraise, Develop and retain human capital for function
·         Recognize areas in need of change, make recommendations and implement change in the team, department or division
·         Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division
·         Apply financial analysis

The learnership consists of 24 contact sessions, of 8 hours each, and can run over a period of 12 to 18 months. The distribution of these contact sessions can be scheduled to suit the need of the client.

Training will take place at the client’s place of business; an alternative venue can be arranged at the client’s expense.

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