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Business Skills
SAQA 23833 -  National Certificate
Business Administration Services
Level 2
Business Administrative Services contains competencies in information handling, communications, Enterprise/customer service, Technology, Organisation skills, Self-development, Teamwork and Business policies and procedures and allows the learner to gain specialist knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of Reception, Executive Administration, Financial Services and Banking or in the field in which the learner is employed.
SAQA 59201 – National Certificate
Generic Management
Level 5
Generic Management covers five domains: Learnership, managing the environment, managing relations, managing knowledge and the practice of management. This leads to the strengthening of management competencies and will enable managers to manage successful systems, processes, resources, managers and teams in their various occupations and contexts.
SAQA 58395 -  National Certificate
Project Management
Level 5
Project Management is intended for people with prior work experience with project management teams or teams using project management approach to technical projects, business projects, public sector projects or community development projects.
SAQA 61595 -  FETC
Business Administration Services
Level 4
Business Administration services offers the learner knowledge and skills in the Management of records, Comprehension of written and verbal texts, Business Writing, Problem solving , Ethics, Cultural Awareness, Self-Management and self-Development , project teamwork and business policies and procedures. Through its elective component it enables the learner to specialize in areas of Administration such as Reception, Executive Administration, Financial Literacy, Relationship Management, Lega Knowledge, Communication, Project Administration and support, Call Centre Administration and Human Resources.
SAQA 67464 -  FETC
Level 4
     Marketing aims to develop individuals who wish to qualify in one of the five sub-disciplines of Marketing: Direct Marketing, Marketing Communications, Customer Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Research. Marketing is a key business function, which affects the success of any organization, both strategically and operationally: this Qualification develops and understanding of the marketing principles and practices and produces knowledgeable, skilled marketers able to contribute to improved productivity and efficiency within the organization and its customers.
SAQA 93996 -  FETC
Contact Centre Operations
Level 4
Contact Centre operations Course is intended to enhance the provision of entry-level service within the contact centre industry and is structured in such a way that is exposes individuals to a set of core competences to give a broad understanding of Contact centre operations and supervision, and the electives, which will allow for a specialisation of competence in either commercial or an emergency environment. The banking, Insurance, Pay-Tv and I.T industries, ambulance and emergency services, and telesales and marketing departments could benefit from qualification.
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